“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucius, Chinese Philosopher

Using professional actors is a signature feature of this style of live and interactive training which will offer an unparalleled experience for all participants involved. It is invaluable when helping your team prepare for unfamiliar or difficult situations. Each scenario is specifically chosen to highlight workplace behaviours that are unique to your organisation. Honest and constructive feedback from the actor allows people to reflect on how their actions and behaviours impact others.

This course will teach participants: 

  • To understand how and why people are likely to respond to different
    approaches and attitudes.
  • How to develop a sense of what people are really thinking and feeling in any given moment.
  • How to react effectively as situations evolve rather than being overwhelmed by events.
  • The tools to develop quick and instinctively correct reactions when dealing with customers or clients.
  • How to remain calm under pressure when dealing with conflict or emotionally charged circumstances.

This course is typically one day training, suitable for all levels of staff and is best for groups up to 8 participants.